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I was tagged by APOLLUMICITY for Tvashtar and XxKINGDOMxX for anybody, and THE--ENEMY tagged me for skellri!! so lets gOOOOO

Post 8 facts about your character.
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Post their names along with their creator's avatars. i'm lame i'm not gonna tag anyone sorry haha
xjcPI0q by skellri


1. He name comes from a volcanic region on Io, Jupiter's moon. Its located near the moon's north pole and its a series of volcanic craters known as "paterae." these paterae are actually named for Tvastar, the hindu god of blacksmiths.
2. Tvashtar comes from a land I call Primordia, which is a primal, dystopian world where a nuclear fallout has caused the remaining animals to gain mutations to aid them in adapting to their new world. Tvashtar and his mother, for example, have feathering on their bodies to help control their body temperatures in hot climates.
3. Tvashtar wields magmatic powers. He can forge objects with lava and his body temperature becomes extremely hot to the touch. He can forge things such as barriers, sculptures if he's really feeling artsy enough (which is...hardly ever haha) and he can even go as far to create armor for himself. While he has a very firm grasp of his powers, his temper can cause them to manifest with little warning. He can't suppress them very well at that point, and usually becomes extremely dangerous.
4. Tvashtar is/was RPed on Pantheon! He arrived at the time of Narcissus's reign, and was taken under the king's metaphorical wing. He lived at the castle and became a guardsman for the king and his family. From there, he earned enough trust to be granted a land of his own. The land fell after a horde of raiders invaded the kingdom. After the raiders disbanded, he returned to find the love of his life. Once he found her, he couldn't face her for long and exiled himself from Pantheon. (he's so??? weird??? omg?) (this is an excuse I'm just really low on RPing muse and I just suck at keeping characters active jksdfksgg)
5. He has extreme commitment issues. Ranging from his duties to relationships, he will do extremely well until he realizes how deeply involved he is and he'll often stop dead in his tracks and retreat.
6. Despite how mellow he appears, he has a tendency to snap and go completely primal. Its very difficult for him to come back from this state of mind. He does his best to keep his cool, but often times he'll simply disappear when he gets irritated or angry. He sees it as the better part of valor.
7. He absolutely hates to fail, which really screws him up when he does. He sees the loss of his leadership as his own fault, for he couldn't protect the Gorge he was given adequately against the raiders that invaded. He briefly returned to seek out the love of his life, but has since gone into a self-appointed exile out of shame.
8. His personality was originally inspired by Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead but I'm very happy to say that Tvashtar has evolved into his own character. uvu

Avatar 26 by skellri


1. I'm stupid and get attached to my dino children on ARK: survival evolved, but this one in particular stole my heart! when breeding was introduced i had planned all day to breed my parasaurs bc its one of the easier dinos to breed in theory. soi got home from work, i bred them and successfully incubated the egg. welp, this cutie hatched! and I instantly fell in love with him - his colors were unexpectedly perfect and he was too adorable for words. However, the breeding mechanic was broken. really broken. like, no one could keep their babies alive broken. the baby dinos ate far too much food for anyone to keep up with and people were giving up. by 11pm that night I found out I was the only one to have successfully kept their baby alive thus far.  now i was determined and i literally stayed up til 4am feeding him by hand until he could hold a few hours worth of food. my boyfriend did the math on how much food we would need to tide him over for about 4 hours which was when i got up for work, and we did manage to keep him alive! however it took a full 24 hours to raise him to adulthood. he made it, and was the first surviving baby dinosaur on our server. ;w;
2. his name is greek for "survivor."
3. i literally keep him locked in my house on ARK, he lives a comfy pampered life. if i ever lost him or he got killed by something i'd legit probably quit playing ark lmao.
4. I do have a personality developed for him - he is a gentle, goofy and funloving soul who loves to hum and sing to pass the time (bellow, really, he's obnoxious tbh).
5. I did join him on terra elysian, but sadly never got to RP him!! i would love to find somewhere to rp him though ;v; i enjoy writing him.
6. his character history is extremely similar to his origins on ark, i twist it a little bit to serve an RP community better though!
7. he hangs around marshlands for the most part. the vegetation there is his favorite to eat and for the most part bigger carnivores aren't much of a problem. however sarcosuchus and such are...a problem haha. he's narrowly escaped them quite a bit but he's learned where the safest spots are.
8. i need to draw him more i am a disaSTER but no really i want to get involved in arpg's or something with him. ;v;

Skellsad by skellri


1. she's my fursona and mascot - she represents who i am to a T, and sometimes who i want to be. i affectionately call her the melancholic purple monster, but oddly enough i draw her smiling a lot because I want to be more positive and despite how I am usually pretty melancholic and sad myself, I still do my best to smile and see some good things to be happy about! tbh she makes ME smile so thats usually enough to warrant me to draw her smiling. 
2. literally the character that i draw the most. if you follow me on instagram you're guaranteed to see so much art of her from me when i have time to sketch her haha. i connect with her better than any other character, and her anatomy is just way too fun to play with and figure out.
3. she's literally gone through 10 redesigns. again. i am a disaster. her design has changed so much since i first created her. can you believe she actually started out red instead of purple??? blasphemy. but these changes came forth because I myself have kinda changed and strived to make her look unique, and i think I've finally reached that point!
4. this is gonna sound hella corny but mechri were a species i actually had a dream about and i spent so long just..figuring them out in my head. like a year. before i put pen to tablet and drew one. what mechri used to be is actually now called a tooreptra. uvu
5. she is the size of a dakotaraptor. which is pretty dang big haha. I am tall myself tho (5'11") so when the dakotaraptor was unveiled to the world i was like -GESTURES AT THE PERFECTION- for a size comparison. 
6. I tried to make a fursuit of her but i had to scrap it for reasons i'd rather not discuss (i'm bitter about it pffff). This was before her current design though, and tbh I would still love a partial suit of her. maybe one day. I have 3 yards of her fur color stashed away. ;u; i'd also love to get or make a plush of her. or a posable art doll. SO MANY IDEAS I want all the crafts/art of her.
7. she is a fruit fiend. literally its her favorite type of food.
8. she lives in the forest biomes/levels of straxerrus. she prefers to be somewhere where she can just 'disappear' and find solitude when she needs it. also she just loves to climb trees and be off the ground, its where she feels safest. uvu



Artist | Digital Art
United States

the melancholic purple monster

My name is Skellri, but feel free to call me Skell. I am a dinosaur/paleobiology enthusiast and spend whatever free time I have learning about all sorts of paleo critters and their lives. I am a creature designer as well, trying to expand my creativity as much as I can. I also am trying to find my place in the creature design community here on DA.

Aside from creature design and dinosaurs, I love video games and pet sites. I really love JackSepticEye. He's my favorite youtuber/entertainer ever. I also love Markiplier and Pewdiepie too! My favorite games are Undertale, Fallout, ARK, and Jurassic World: The Mobile Game.

I'm the creator of the mechri species. Its a closed species, so please do not make one without prior permission!

it is absolutely okay to ping/mention/tag me in anything!



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